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Power Your Business Growth
with Strategic Video Distribution

Elevate your marketing strategy with data-driven pay-per-click video campaigns

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What good is an excellent video if it doesn't reach your ideal viewer?

At Particles Media, we shape, create and share this story with a comprehensive video distribution strategy.

Our Expertise Meets Your Growth

We plan and deliver a full marketing campaign that includes video production, video funnel strategy, and projected outcomes tailored to your objectives based on your industry standard marketing benchmarks and our experience on distribution platforms.

Objective driven campaigns

Collaborative brainstorming, scripting, storyboarding and professional production.



Video campaigns deployed across PPC platforms to your target demographics.



Continuous A/B testing and detailed analytics to ensure maximised engagement.

Who is it for?

B2B Businesses

✅​Lead generation

✅​Increase brand recognition


✅Competitive advantage

How it works

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Your Vision, Our Plan

We start with a deep dive into your business objectives, understanding your overarching goals and unique value proposition to transform them into compelling visual narratives.

At this stage you will receive a campaign proposal with transparent pricing, timelines and projected ROI of this investment.



We agree on timelines and kickstart production, translating your ideas into engaging videos.

When you approve the campaign, we begin the production of the videos and set up pay-per-click ad campaigns for the best platforms tailored to your objectives.

  • Email Campaigns 

  • Landing Pages 

  • Youtube 

  • LinkedIn 

  • Facebook & Instagram

  • TikTok                

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Expansion & Strategy

Post initial production, we thoroughly expand on and strategise the campaign plan.

Whether you are a manager wanting a 1-2-1 consultation or need us to step in and manage your Ad Accounts, we streamline your video's journey to the target audience. 


 Optimisation & AB Testing

We don’t just help your business grow. We show you how it’s growing.


We calculate and provide you with clear ROI from your investments, making every spend trackable and understandable. Our services don’t stop at production and distribution. We work continuously scaling and modifying the strategy to augment your business’s growth.

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Your ROI is our success metric
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We calculate and predict clear ROI​ 
We track and explain KPI metrics​

We scale and improve your campaigns

 Data Protection

At Particles Media, we fully grasp the immense importance of data safety, brand protection and adherence to any NDAs you may have. 

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Your Business, Your Control


Granting Us Access To Your Accounts

We simplify your marketing operations, under your consent, by giving us shared access to your advertising accounts on  platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and others. 

We set-up, improve and report on your video ad campaigns.


Choosing Consultation & The Digital Pack

Alternatively, we offer you the choice of being in the driver's seat, with us as your navigators. 


We offer guidance with step-by-step information and a bespoke digital pack tailored to your objectives and budget.

Contact Us

We will be in touch soon.

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