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Creating the perfect production requires a dedicated team of passionate, creative and technical specialists working together to make the magic happen. 


Our amazing wizards have a strong ethos at heart, we are perfectionists with our spells and have a keen eye for detail that ensures you are happy with every detail.  Check out our team below!

Watercolor Stain

I love creating ideas, seeing the initial spark turn into the fire. Whether it was when I was younger, writing short stories, making lyrics for songs (about spider-man of course!) or playing the guitar and piano. 
Throughout my education I've always focused on the arts, from studying music and technology to studying a HND in Film and video, gaining a First and then achieving a bachelor's degree in Media Production. I love seeing every part of the production process, from creating and developing the story in imaginative ways, to capturing the vision and creating beautiful frames, to the puzzle of the editing process where so many combinations can create so many possibilities. Detail is key. My vision is in creating beautiful informative content that can open your eyes, shine a light on topics and change the way people think.


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Josh Hill

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I've always found myself creating since I can remember, whether I was in the park making rings out of wild flowers, or making different gadgets with my father's tools. I was a nerd and you would always find me reading something and getting my hands on what ever new information I could find. My family wanted me to become a doctor. But deep down I knew I was meant to create, so I stuck to what my heart was telling me and studied Art in my hometown Hamedan, Iran.  I then went on to study Visual Communication (Graphic Design) at my university in Tehran. It was at this point that I saw the potential in animation and editing, the diversity, creating a whole new living world of your own. I decided to pursue animation as a career. Spending years discovering the world of digital art, opening new doors to my creativity and here I am again, doing what I enjoy doing the most, creating.

Sahel Farjad

Editor & Animator

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Mike Czerniak

Sound Designer

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I am a Polish-born sound designer and post-production audio engineer, who spent the last 13 years studying and practising creating immersive soundscapes for the moving image in the UK. In 2020 I achieved a first class degree Bachelor of Arts in 'Music and Sound for Image' focusing on creating captivating soundscapes out of ordinary sounds surrounding us. My knowledge of music technology expands to game audio programming, overdubbing recording, and most notably, post-production audio mixing. My best work typically goes by unnoticed. It just becomes an indistinguishable part of the film, animation or promotional video, to a point where the viewer completely immerses themselves into the medium. I believe that the true purpose of a sound designer and any role in post-production audio, is to create a soundtrack or soundscape that supports the medium to the fullest extent, rather than trying to stand out on its own.

Watercolor Stain

Particles Media was founded in 2016 by a team of graduates and has since grown into a private limited company. While we are based in the Midlands, UK, we have worked on projects all over the UK and Europe in over eight different countries. Our satisfied clients range from small independent companies to large corporate giants – no project is too big nor too small.